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What is BIFMA?

BIFMA stands for Business and Institutional Furniture Manufacturers. BIFMA is the notā€for-profit trade association for business and institutional furniture manufacturers. Since 1973, BIFMA has been the voice of the commercial furniture industry.  BIFMA develops, monitors standards for furniture manufacturers which are accepted worldwide.
Dependable office furniture keeps offices running. A main factor in choosing new furniture is durability. Fortunately, international standards exist to make sure office furniture is as reliable as manufacturers say. One set of standards has been created by the Business and Institutional Furniture Manufacturers Association (BIFMA). This international organization has been around since 1973, and it represents furniture manufacturers from around the world. BIFMA creates and oversees a variety of standards for furniture safety and quality.

As voluntary standards, manufacturers can independently choose to create products that meet the requirements. By choosing to purchase furniture that has been certified by BIFMA, consumers can get quality furniture and peace of mind. They know the furniture will perform as expected year after year.

BIFMA sets out a variety of standards, including ergonomic measurements, textile characteristics, sustainability guidelines and performance testing.

For example, the BIFMA X5.1 – 2011 Office Chairs standard is a detailed document that outlines performance tests that evaluate the safety, performance and durability of office chairs. It specifies that the chair back must withstand a pressure of 150 pounds. Another test is dropping 125 pounds onto the seat from 2 inches above, and then repeating the test for 100,000 repetitions to ensure the seat is reliable. BIFMA standards ensure that the furniture will not catastrophically fail, even if a piece is damaged.

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Details of some of Products and Service Quality Certification given by us:

  1. ISO Certification
  2. CE Mark Certification
  3. ROHS Certification
  4. Kosher Certification
  5. Halal Certification
  6. HACCP Certification
  7. OHSAS Certification
  8. ISI Certification
  9. FSSAI Certification
  10. NABL Certification
  11. NABH Certification
  12. Hallmark Certification
  13. BIFMA Certification
  14. ICAT Certification
  15. GOST R Certification etc. (For more details, please check out our services)

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