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What is GOST R certification?
GOST is the Russian word for “norm”, and R stands for Russia. For most products, certification is needed if you wish to sell them in Russia. The main products concerned are materials in contact with food and human beings; industrial equipment for food, chemical, oil & gas, construction and other industries; mechanical and electrical goods. Also concerned are consumer products such as foodstuffs, textiles and clothes, cosmetics and perfumery, domestic goods and toys. The certificate can be valid for a one-time-only shipment or for a period of 1 or 3 years.
The GOST certificate is the abbreviation of Gosstandard i.e. National Standard, a document attesting that a product conforms to Russian national standards (GOST R, GOST EN, GOST R IEC, GOST R ISO, ecc.). It may be obligatory or voluntary. The obligatory certificate is required in order to import and sell products in the Russian Federation. The voluntary certificate is intended to promote product and/or producer on the market in terms of sales and marketing.

Certificate of Conformity (GOST R)
Certificate of Conformity acerts that the goods delivered in Russia, and/or production line where they were manufactured, conform to the Russian Safety Standards.
Typically, the exporters choose one of the three types of GOST R certificates.
1. Shipment certification: provides necessary certificates for only one shipment. Fastest and least costly.
2. Serial certification: allows the specified product to be imported in Russia for one year, regardless of the number of shipments and volume (does not affect Custom dues!).
3. Production certification: Russian experts certify the manufacturing facility, which allows to list and export to Russia any products coming off this facility for 3 years. Sometimes it involves inviting 2-3 Russian experts to inspect the facility.
Depending on the product, the GOST R certificate may require prior hygienic, fire safety certification, or Government Registration.

Two kinds of Conformity Certificate:
• The obligatory Conformity Certificate – on production which is subject to obligatory certification;
• The voluntary Certificate of Conformity – on production which is subject to voluntary certification – all other production which was not included into Lists of production which is subject to obligatory certification.
The list of the products, subject to the obligatory GOST R Certification is regulated by the Federal Customs Service letter, dated December, 19th, 2006, N 06-73/44906 “About the list of the goods, for which the obligatory certification is required in case of releasing on the customs territory of the Russian Federation”


What documents are needed to estimate cost and terms for a Gost Russia certification?
The first step on the way to GOST R certification is to understand exactly how Russian law or the EAC regulation classifies production, which is why there are four items of information needed:
• Name of the product.
• Customs Product Code: this code is essential to determine in which commodity group the product belongs. This code will also be printed on the certificate: the code on the GOST Russia certificate must be the same on all documents for that product.
• Brief description of the product: by “brief description” we really mean minimal, such as that you would use in a product brochure. For rare cases in which the information given is not enough, probably because of the exceptional complexity of the product or of potential confusion with other similar products, we will ask specifically for the information needed.
• Pictures or drawings of product: this information is often unnecessary, but sometimes it is very useful to understand the exact function of the product and its appearance.
• Later on, if you decide to proceed with GOST certification, an ISO certificate of conformity ISO or a CE Marking of your product may be required, but only in a few rare cases.

Do I need to translate documents into Russian?
No; for the documents we ask it is sufficient to provide the English versions. The most important thing is the name of the product, which must remain consistent on all documents and which must necessarily be written in Russian letters. The translation into Russian may be done directly by us, provided however, that your documents maintain the same denomination from then on.

Is a separate Gost Russia certificate required for each model?
No; products to be certified are grouped into categories and a single certificate can contain not just several models, but also several different similar products.

How much does a Gost R certification cost?

Rather little, especially when compared to an ISO or CE. Prices vary depending on type of production and on duration of validity. The price for GOST R certificates may range between 200 and 1000 euros depending on the duration. The price may increase when many products or models (more than 10) are covered by a single certificate.

How much time do you need to produce a GOST certificate?
A few hours are sufficient for a GOST Russia certificate: most of this is taken up with processing contracts and choosing the right translation of the name of the product.

What is the difference between GOST and GOST R?
There are no differences, they are only two names developed over several years and during the transition process from USSR to Russian Federation. It is however very important to note that when the initials TR appear on a GOST certificate has, these identify it as a Gost issued according to Technical Regulation which is a parallel institution, about which you can read more on this site.

How many kind of Gost R certifications are there?
Gost R mandatory 1 year, 2years, 3 years, single delivery

The mandatory GOST R certificate is the a document required by the Russian Federation from the time of commercialization (in case of production on the territory of the Russian Federation) or from the moment of import (in the case where, the products are imported through customs) and at all times during the commercial life-period of trading on the Russian market. The procedure is very simple and follows the lines described above. The mandatory Gost R certificate validity can range from a single delivery upto three years. We always recommend longer intervals as the prices are not proportional (a certificate valid for three years costs considerably less than three annual certificates). As the name suggests this certificate is required and its absence, when detected by the authorities, precludes the entry of a product into the Russian market. The mandatory certificate Gost R may be required either by a foreign legal entity or by a Russian legal entity according to the preferences and the necessities of the applicants. Often the mandatory Gost R is combined, as appropriate, with other certificates that focus on particular features of products. The mandatory certificate of conformity Gost R has a limited publicity, this means that despite the clear indication of the presence of the brand Gost on the label, few subjects are entitled to verify the authenticity of the certificate by comparing it with the state database, among them Russian customs officers.

Voluntary Gost R 1 year, 2 years, 3 years, single delivery

The voluntary Gost R certificate, differ very little from the mandatory Gost R certificate. Firstly as the name imply it is not necessarily required for all products placed on the market. A manufacturer, an importer or a distributor, in this case is able to choose whether to subject the product to the certification process. The voluntary GOST R certificate is usually recommended: firstly, because it guarantees the quality of the product to customers, who is then led to prefer it; and secondly, because an extensive number of big corporation required it for the participation to tenders . In case instead, where the regulation in force is not very clear on the needs to attain a certification, the Gost R letter of exemption is to be preferred.


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