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Kosher certification is a process by which a company ensures that their food is kosher, or in other words, fit for consumption by observant Jews. Kosher refers to a religious dietary practice that is rooted in Jewish tradition. Contrary to popular belief, kosher food does not refer to Jewish cuisine. Even Thai food can be kosher if it is prepared in accordance with kosher laws, just as Jewish food can be non-kosher if it is not prepared in accordance with those laws.

Kosher laws are more complicated than they seem, especially now that modern technology has come into play. Take for instance, potato chips, which you’d think would be kosher since they aren’t made from foods forbidden by the Torah. Potato chips can actually be considered non-kosher if they are fried in vegetable oil that was pasteurized and deodorized with equipment that has been used for tallow production.

Observant Jews may only purchase food products with a kosher certification, which ensures that we supervised the food production process and verified that it adheres to strict standards. According to the Torah, people who consume non-kosher food are infected by an unclean spirit. Even if you’re not Jewish, however, you can benefit from eating food that has the kosher certification. An increasing number of non-Jewish customers are purchasing certified kosher products because of the certification’s assurance of quality and purity.

For example, meat with the kosher certification has to be fed, slaughtered, and processed in specific ways and kosher standards of cleanliness are stringent, so kosher meat is typically of high quality. This is especially important considering problems like mad cow disease and E. coli. People who have allergies to certain ingredients, such as wheat, dairy, or shellfish, can also benefit from purchasing products with a kosher certification because they can rest assured that the products don’t contain anything that has been sourced from those ingredients. Vegetarians and the lactose intolerant can also benefit from purchasing kosher certified pareve products, which are foods that are completely meat and dairy free. In Canada alone, kosher food sales have grown by up to 20 percent each year.


Benefits of Obtaining Kosher Certification

Did you know that the majority of consumers who buy certified kosher products do so because of perceived quality and safety rather than for religious reasons? Obtaining kosher certification will help you increase sales substantially because of the rising popularity of kosher food. An increasing number of people are adopting kosher food because the kosher certification has become recognized as a symbol of purity, safety, cleanliness, and quality. By having your products labeled with the kosher certification, you can open up the possibility of attracting new clientele.

To put it simply, having the kosher certification on your products will increase their marketability because more and more people are concerned about what they put into their bodies and where their food comes from.

Why Kosher Certification?

Kosher certification allows companies to have an edge over their competitors and allows them to sell to more clients than previously and creates export opportunities that previously did not exist to them. It opens up the American market in particular where kosher is almost a market pre-requisite in order to get ones products into the American market. In Israel it is a market requirement and we find that Europe is also following the trend in America so it is a very fast growing market. Kosher Certification is also taken out by many clients even if they are not selling into the kosher marketplace or to Jewish people as it is seen as a sign of quality and reassurance.

Kosher certification is a standalone international quality standard which is increasingly prevalent in the food ingredients and retail sector. Walk into any supermarket in North America or Europe and you will see that a significant portion of the food and drink is certified kosher, from the coveted Mars Bar, Marmite, to McCain’s oven chips.

Kosher certification can help generate additional sales revenue by providing an avenue to gain access to new markets and customers of America, Europe and other countries having Jewish population.

Kosher products require kosher certified ingredients. Ingredient buyers specify kosher knowing that their supplier’s manufacturing process has been independently audited. This gives an extra level of comfort that is not always there with other certifications. In some supply chains manufacturers of certain ingredients have no choice but to certify for kosher if they are to qualify for inclusion on the buyers list.

In some companies where the final products may not be certified the manufacturer will nevertheless insist that all ingredients comply with kosher standards. Furthermore in this age of rationalisation of supply chains buyers are looking for fewer suppliers that can provide a wider range of ingredients. Those able to offer both kosher and non-kosher ingredients are more likely to win the business.


We have a duly qualified and well experienced team of professionals, ISO auditors, assessors, that makes us capable to carry out implementation of wide range of standard certification audit programs. Our auditors not only help you in identification of your weakness or areas of improvement but also follow up and help you in getting over all shortcomings till you do not get certification certificate in your hand.

Details of some of Products and Service Quality Certification given by us:

      1. ISO Certification
      2. CE Mark Certification
      3. ROHS Certification
      4. Kosher Certification
      5. Halal Certification
      6. HACCP Certification
      7. OHSAS Certification
      8. ISI Certification
      9. FSSAI Certification
      10. NABL Certification
      11. NABH Certification
      12. Hallmark Certification
      13. BIFMA Certification
      14. ICAT Certification
      15. GOST R Certification etc. (For more details, please check out our services)

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